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Whitehall On Monday, Lady’s Island On Wednesday, Litter Every Month

MPC TO CONSIDER WHITEHALL SITE PLAN MONDAY The Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) will meet Monday at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall to consider the site plan presented by Whitehall Point Holdings. In February, the MPC approved a slimmed-down proposal for the site. The original proposal had called for 240 residential units in seven apartment towers,

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Lady’s Island Plan, Lady’s Island Airport Expansion?

WORK MOVES FORWARD ON LADY’S ISLAND AREA PLAN Work on the “Lady’s Island Area Plan” continues, with the consultant and the ten-member steering committee getting down to details re: growth management issues. The first several meetings, and the initial public meeting on Feb. 21, have largely been devoted to data gathering, in an effort to

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Slimmed-Down Whitehall Plan OK’d By MPC

In a 6-0 vote before a packed City Council chamber last night, the Metropolitan Planning Commission approved a new plan to develop the Whitehall property on Lady’s Island. The slimmed-down plan calls for 80-100 residential units, a 100-unit independent living facility, and some 20,000 s.f. of commercial/retails space along the Sea Island Parkway. An earlier

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Feb. 19: Whitehall, Round Two.

Next Monday, Feb. 19, the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) will meet to consider the latest application for development of the Whitehall property. A first proposal was denied 6-0 in November, and a new plan was filed by lead developer Sam Levin Feb. 1. The meeting will be held at Beaufort City Hall at 5:30 p.m.

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Whitehall lead developer Sam Levin, invited to meet with the policy committee of the Sea Island Coalition, reviewed his latest proposal for the Whitehall property on Lady’s Island with the Coalition on Friday. The new plan was filed with the City of Beaufort’s Planning Department Feb 1. Click here to see the entire filing. The first

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60 Second Update: Jan 22, 2018

“Lady’s Island Area Plan” Underway At last Friday’s Northern Regional Plan Implementation Committee (NRPIC) meeting, county planner Rob Merchant detailed the approach and announced members of a steering committee for the “Lady’s Island Area Plan.” According to the County’s RFP, “The plan builds on existing plans, policies and studies including the Beaufort County Comprehensive Plan, the

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60 Second Update: Dec. 20, 2017

REVISED WHITEHALL PLAN EXPECTED IN FEBRUARY Following a 6-0 rejection by the Metro Planning Commission (MPC) of their first development plan for Whitehall, developers have re-grouped and are preparing a revised plan expect to be filed in February. The initial plan proposed a “TND Floating Overlay Plan” that would have accommodated seven apartment towers, a

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Getting To Yes At Whitehall

The Sea Island Coalition yesterday offered to work with MidCity Partners “to define a future for Whitehall that works for you as well as the greater Beaufort community.” MidCity Real Estate Partners, in Atlanta, had proposed a cluster of seven apartment towers, an independent living facility and nearly 20,000 s.f. of retail/commercial space for the

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After three+ hours of testimony in City Council chambers overflowing more than 250 attendees last night, the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) voted 6-0 to deny the Whitehall development application by MidCity Partners and local developer Sam Levin. The development proposal asked for special zoning for the parcel, on which the developers had proposed building seven apartment towers,

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Whitehall Development: When Is Beaufort Obligated To Listen?

OPINION Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette November 9, 2017   Last spring, more than 400 people showed up at a meeting to help design a future for Lady’s Island. Out of this meeting and nine subsequent small group mapping sessions emerged “Five Principles for Future Growth on Lady’s Island: Inspired Development, Connected Transportation, Character Enhancement, Sunlight & Predictability,

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The Stripping Of Port Royal

Trees are special in Beaufort County. People move here because of the trees, for the special quality they lend to the landscape and the lifestyle. And many stay in large part, because of the trees (and the rivers and creeks, and the marshes, and the beaches). Nonetheless, some developers prefer to cut trees down, clearing large

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