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Sea Island Corridor Coalition

The Issues

Growth and Development

There are many moving parts involved with growth and development issues. The Coalition is committed to providing a responsible community voice.

Zoning and Annexation

Annexation should promote long term economic health of the community, allow for reasonable growth and mitigate impacts on traffic, stormwater management and the environment.


A central goal of the Coalition is to ensure that new growth and development are located and designed to have the least possible impact on traffic flow.

Tree and Marsh Preservation

People do not move to the Sea Islands because of its commercialism, but because of its unique look, feel and livability. Protecting this is central to the Coalition’s mission.

Political Accountability

Political accountability is the process of holding elected officials and civil servants accountable for decisions affecting their constituents. It is an essential part of good governance.


We can't do this alone.

The Sea Island Corridor Coalition, Inc. finances its operations solely through contributions from the community, and we need your help and support. You can help make a difference with a modest contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more using your credit or debit card.

Who We Are

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Our mission is to engage the community and work with government and business to ensure successful and sustainable development that retains the look, feel and livability of the Sea Islands Corridor. And keep the community informed and engaged.

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The greatest enemy of poor official decision-making is sunlight. If you come across any of the telltale early signs of development – survey crews, tree surveyors, posted hearing notices, abutter letters to residents or even grocery store gossip – we want to know about it. Tell us what you know here, and let us know how to reach you. In full confidence.

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