ST. HELENA, FEB 14 – The Sea Island Corridor Coalition said today it has launched a new website to help residents of Lady’s Island and St. Helena monitor information on planning and development deliberations and decisions affecting the Sea Island Parkway.

It’s the first time such information has been made available in a single place.

The website – – is designed as a central community resource, featuring a calendar showing major city and county planning and zoning meetings; links to key county, city and state websites and web resources; and current news on matters affecting the community including growth & development; zoning & annexation; traffic; tree &marsh preservation and political accountability.

Importantly, the site hosts an “alert” function through which residents can notify the Coalition of the first signs of re-zoning or development, or simply rumors that may signal new activity, and have their questions answered.

Chuck Newton, a convener of the Sea Island Coalition, said “ is designed to keep the community up-to-date on local development matters, and help us gather new information, get people organized and advocate more effectively on behalf of Lady’s Island and St. Helena.

 “It’s the first time the community has had a tool like this to work with, and it opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

“Without an aware public, and a mechanism such as this website to bring people together, city and county planning decisions will run right past us, with no opportunity for substantive input, as they did with Walmart, Oyster Bluff and with the explosion of traffic growth around the Sea Island Parkway/Sam’s Point Road intersection,” Newton said.

The Coalition, formed in early 2016 after a community outcry on the clear-cutting of Oyster Bluff, now boasts more than 400 members, and is a frequent contributor to City and County deliberations on development and planning issues. In concert with the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, the Coalition is sponsoring a community forum – Designing A Future For Lady’s Island – on Feb. 23 at Lady’s Island Elementary School. More than 200 are expected to attend. More information is available at


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  1. congratulations and THANK YOU for an incredibly useful and important mechanism of engagement! your efforts are so impressive and clearly resonate with the community. really appreciating your leadership.

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