The best future for Bay Point is no annexation by Hilton Head

Ask anyone who’s crept to the refrigerator at 3 a.m. has found “one more bite” usually means 10 more. Soon the holiday pie is gone — and with it, all hope of zipping your new jeans.

That same cycle of gluttony, likely leading to regret, is playing out with South Carolina’s coastal development. “One more bite,” and an unspoiled beach is gone. Then another, and another, along with the birds and wildlife they once supported.

Let’s consider Bay Point Island. Last fall, the Hilton Head Island Town Council voted to begin annexing the island, opening the door to another luxury resort.

The annexation undermines regional planning and burdens taxpayers. On the heels of Hurricane Matthew, and in the face of eroding shorelines, increased flooding and evacuation challenges of remote islands, we might pause new developments on shifting sands and might resist the temptation to open the metaphoric fridge. But alas, we are “resilient” and quickly move forward after recovery.

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